08/20/2011 - Stadium Stock, Orchard Park, N.Y.

I: intro jam, Upp St., Surfin' Marley Ziggens, Tired Soul, Izabella*, Tom's Song, Drunk Without Bail in a Mexican Jail, Creature^, Heavy#, Remember That Rhyme, Time for Livin', Easy Pain, Harsh World, Green River > Drop the Bomb, Bulls on Parade

Encore: Quarter to Midnight, Dazed & Confused

* first time played (Jimi Hendrix)
^ with intro jam
# first time played (Collective Soul)

-It was the first-ever Stadium Stock outdoor music festival held at O'Neill's Stadium Inn.
-We were on our way to Pasadena, but we had Turbulence and then got Sidetrakd, so everyone was stuck with us for awhile. (See picture below.)