Note: This show wasn't an AUTOPUNCH show. AUTOPUNCH members Luke Hammill (bass) and Dan Sheppard (drums) in 2018 formed a new band, dubbed QPT (Quaker Power Trio), along with guitarist Matt Kielich. This show, which took place as part of the 2018 Buffalo Infringement Festival, was the group's debut. Luke is making a record of it here.

07/28/2018 - Nietzsche's, Buffalo, N.Y.

I: SWLABR*, Original 1^, Original 2#, Original 3$, Third Stone from the Sun%, I Don't Know&, Original 4^, Original 5$, Godzilla@

* cover (Cream)
^ Hammill wrote the music; Kielich wrote the lyrics
# instrumental; Hammill wrote the music
$ Kielich wrote music and lyrics
% cover (Jimi Hendrix)
& cover (The Sheepdogs)
@ cover (Blue Oyster Cult, done in the style of Fu Manchu's version)

-The show was part of Supersonic Saturday and also featured Curiosity's End; Matthew Edwards; Us, Today; New Cunts on the Block; and Tina Panic Noise.
That night's setlist.