07/23/2011 - Mojo's, Jamestown, N.Y.
I: Drop the Bomb, Tom's Song, Creature, Green River, Surfin' Marley Ziggens, Norma Jeane, Go Funk Yourself, Time for Livin', Immigrant Song, Drunk Without Bail in a Mexican Jail, Tired Soul, Remember That Rhyme, Upp St. > Another Brick in the Wall Part 2* > Quarter to Midnight
Encore: I Want You (She's so Heavy)
* during the segue between Upp St. and Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Burk was jamming on the sax. Suddenly, the sound guy jumped on stage with a sax of his own (the band had no idea this would happen), and Burk and the sound guy had a sax duel. Tom then took over and played the ending guitar solo to Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 before the song started, making it inverted. After the last chorus, the band segued into 11:45.
The No Good Doo Gooders opened.