04/28/2012 - The Barn at 1401 Luther Road, Town of Aurora, N.Y.

I: Drunk Without Bail in a Mexican Jail, Surfin' Marley Ziggens, Boston Chronic*, Creature, Television Education, 1983*, Fist Pumpers, Upp St. > Harsh World, Drop the Bomb

II: Immigrant Song > Outrageafunk, Norma Jeane > Remember That Rhyme, Valentine^, Maestro's Overture^, Righteous Canadian*$, Black Rose Kennels, Funk Rock Monstas#&

Encore: Breathe% > Time% > Money > outro jam&

* first time played (Sam original), Sam on vocals
^ first time played (original)
$ Sam on acoustic guitar
# with "Tom Sawyer" (Rush) tease
& featuring a random partygoer (a friend of Sam's father) who jumped on stage to play harmonica while we jammed
% first time played (Pink Floyd)

-This was the only show that we played while Sam Berman-Cooper (keys) was briefly in our band.
-It was an open gig (a host of other musicians and friends played before us) at Sam's old barn, where many wild parties/concerts happened over our high-school/college years. Sam's father threw the bash after having sold the property, wanting to host one last show there to say goodbye to a place filled with many memories.