03/25/2011 - The Well, Orchard Park, N.Y.

I: Go Funk Yourself, Paranoid, Easy Pain, I Want You (She's so Heavy), Tired Soul, Suck My Kiss, Surfin' Marley Ziggens, Heartbreaker* > Dazed and Confused > Good Times Bad Times

II: In Memory of Elizabeth Reed > Whipping Post, T.O.P., Time for Livin', Upp St. > The Happiest Days of Our Lives > Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 > Anti-Matter jam, Money, Brodad Blues, Paint it Black$, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tom's Song

Encore Set: Under the Bridge, Drop the Bomb, Killing in the Name^, Bulls on Parade^, Drunk Without Bail in a Mexican Jail, House of the Rising Sun

* first time played (Led Zeppelin); segued into Dazed and Confused after Tom's guitar solo
$ first time played (Rolling Stones)
^ featuring Todd Tobia on vocals

-this show was played in honor of Marines Marc Gerevics and Chad Bieber, who returned home from Afghanistan
-we had our first crowd surfer (Ryan Dolce) during "Killing in the Name"