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 "[AUTOPUNCH's] music is heavy, and it can kick you right in the teeth.  Many influences can be heard in their tunes; Umphrey's McGee drunk on Tom Waits comes to mind when I've been asked for a comparison (that's an awesome thing)." - buffaBLOG, 06/11/2012

"AUTOPUNCH [is] engaging in a disarmingly inventive hybrid of soul, psychedelia, funk, alt-rock and good ol’ jamming." - The Buffalo News, 01/20/2012

"We get the killer funk rock of AUTOPUNCH, whose driving number 'Tom’s Song' recalls the intense grooviness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers circa Mother’s Milk." - Artvoice, 10/21/2011

"Drawing influence from funk-driven jam bands such as moe., but incorporating influence from harder blues-inspired rock like Rage Against the Machine, AUTOPUNCH is becoming one of Buffalo's definitive jam bands." - buffaBLOG, 09/02/2011

AUTOPUNCH was featured in a front-page story about Thursday at the Square in The Buffalo News, 06/24/2011

"[Opening band AUTOPUNCH] worked hard to bring the crowd around." - The Buffalo News, 06/10/2011

"Young turks AUTOPUNCH will slap some math-rock into their take on the party funk." - The Good Neighborhood, 04/23/2011

"AUTOPUNCH brings a number of musical sensibilities to the table, with influences that include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and Stone Temple Pilots." - Artvoice, 04/21/2011

"AUTOPUNCH introduced its new EP to the world in style." -, 02/09/2011

"AUTOPUNCH rocked the funk out." - Artvoice TV, 11/30/2010

"A jam band of impressive proportions, capable of rocking alongside the best Buffalo has to offer." - The Spectrum, 11/01/2010

"[AUTOPUNCH] possesses the potential to become the next big thing to come out of Buffalo." - The Spectrum, 10/18/2010